Is there a way for commissions to try out the courses before deciding to purchase for our programs’ use?

Yes – we created a video link that will give you a snapshot of various course interactions and content so you can see a preview of what your programs will see. You can also purchase courses for you and your fellow Commission staff to view prior to purchasing for your programs, if you want to see more than the video provides. The video you can view includes various elements of 3 of our AmeriCorps Staff Courses:

  • Prohibited Activities
  • AmeriCorps 101
  • Member Files
Please note the following:
  • You are only seeing portions of each course so you are missing how each element fits into the larger context of the course, but we hope this gives you a better view of what our courses are about;
  • Because this is only a snapshot, you will sometimes see headings where there looks like something is missing which is usually the learner’s name which is something we ask them to type in at the beginning of each course so their name pops up throughout;
  • The resources link does not have a full list of the resources we have available for each course;
  • There is no notes section in the video which you will see in all of our courses – the written version of what is being said.
Here is the link to the video: If you have any questions about the courses after viewing the link or participating in the session, please do not hesitate to contact us: or 414-988-3314

Can anyone take a course as long as they purchase it?

Anyone within the AmeriCorps field can take any of the courses that the Commission purchases i.e. Commission staff can take a program staff course or member course if they want to as long as they have purchased the applicable courses and have that code.

Can Commissions go ahead and purchase Site Supervisor courses even if the courses have not yet been developed?

Yes, courses of any stakeholder type (staff, member, or site) can be purchased at any time to be used for current and/or future courses.

How does On3Learn obtain updated CNCS policies, guidance, etc.? Thinking of recent changes such as pre-enrollment, updated FAQ docs, upcoming strategic plan that may alter focus areas, structure, etc…how does e-learning stay accurate?

The 3 owners of On3learn are deeply rooted in the AmeriCorps field and each receive updates that CNCS issues either directly through CNCS lists that we are on, through communication we receive from State Service Commissions, and by participating in calls and trainings that CNCS offers. Additionally, we have all of our courses reviewed by stakeholders in the field to ensure our information is accurate and up to date. Each course also has a survey at the end that we ask learners to take, with an opportunity to provide feedback on the course and its content. We will maintain a regular practice of reviewing and updating our courses so information is relevant, links are always accessible, and feedback is incorporated.

Once you get your link to get your personal course, can you take it again, or is it good for only one go-around?

Once learners “purchase” a course, they are able to take it up to 2 times while only being counted as 1 seat. So if a program put in their cart the prohibited activities course for staff for which you gave them a code so they would not be charged. They could take it up to 2 times and you would still only be down 1 seat in your total courses you purchased for all of your programs.

What is the average length of the courses?

We strive to keep each course between 60-90 minutes. At the beginning of each course, we tell learners how long we estimate the course to be, but knowing that each learner is different in how they take in information…1 course might take 1 person 60 minutes and that same course might take another person about 90 minutes. Additionally, learners are able to stop a course in the middle and come back to it, if they have an interruption which needs their attention so that too would impact the amount of time it would take to complete.

If a program purchases 20 member courses for their members to take, does the program leader/director have an “admin” login to view when their members complete it, track progress, etc.?

At this point, we do not have plans to provide programs or State Commissions “admin” access, but as we get started and find it is important and necessary, we will consider it. We will, however, at any time run reports for a purchaser who requests it as often as needed.

Are you able/willing to do something similar to this presentation but for our programs?

At any time, we are able to present to any organization or group who wishes to learn more about our courses. If a State Commission wants us to present to their staff or programs….please contact us at or 414-988-3314.

Any advice you can give on how many courses a State Commission should consider purchasing at this current time?

The decision on how many courses to purchase is likely unique to each State Commission. Factors such as number of new staff or programs, available funds, and others may play into that decision. If you want to talk specifically about the number of courses you are considering, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 414-988-3314